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During this time of Covid-19 uncertainty we will be making a few changes in our consignment drop policy.  We are sorry to have to close our doors at this time and not take any consignment.  Please check back here for more details or  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or send us a text message at 360-808-6501 or 

If you want regular consignment updates via text please text "CONSIGN" TO 360-207-6300.  

We are now accepting Spring/Summer consignment.  We are looking for light jackets, bright colored clothing, spring dresses, easter suites, shoes & rain boots.  

We are looking for High Chairs,  Exersausers, Large Toys Doll House, Train Sets, and more  if you are looking to make room. 

We will not accept any consignment drops the week of Easter  April 5th-12th.  W

If you would like to hear all our consignment updates.  Text "Consign" to 360-207-6300


We accept items on a drop-off basis during regular business hours based on our consignment season schedule.  

We take children's clothing size preemie through 14 and maternity/nursing wear. We also accept children's and infant toys, books, gear and accessories.  For the safety of your child, we do not accept used car seats of any kind.  We no longer accept any breast pumps, cribs or bedding sets  (we now only accept breathable bumpers and individual crib sheets).


-all sets must be matched . We provide the hangers. 

 - to get the most out of consignment please only bring clothing laid flat in a Box or Plastic Bin with buttons buttoned, snaps snapped and zippers zipped.  No Plastic Bags will be accepted.  A fee will be charged if items are not brought in laid flat and ready for resale.

-no stains, holes,  odors,  missing buttons or pet hair.

Drop Limits:

If you are choosing to pick up your no thank you items  you may drop 1 Bag/Box/Bin Per 2 week period.

If you are choosing to donate any no thank you items you may drop 1 Bag or 2 Boxes/Bins Per 2 week period.

Box/Bin Size Limit: We will only accept bins/boxes no bigger than the average laundry basket size (does not have to be a laundry basket just the average size of one).  

-season appropriate and in fashion.
-no dates, years, cities or personal names.
-shoes need to be like new only, no scuffs or dirt please.
-we do not accept personal items such as underwear or bras.

Toys, Equipment and Furniture
-must be clean & have working batteries- battery & cleaning fee will be charged.
-have ALL working parts.
-no spit up or stains, fabric seats washed.
-items with multiple pieces need to be sorted and bagged.

-no recalls-

Stuffed animals, fast food type toys and VHS movies are not accepted

We appreciate a phone call or email prior to bringing in large items so we can make space to accommodate.  Large items need to be put together by consignor. 

To see all our consignment standards and view our contract please download from the forms page.